Never Flush Cat Poop Down Your Toilet - Protect Your Plumbing System

Never Flush Cat Poop Down Your Toilet - Protect Your Plumbing System

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What're your beliefs about How to Dispose of Cat Poop and Litter Without Plastic Bags?

Don't flush cat feces down the toilet


As feline proprietors, it's important to be mindful of just how we get rid of our feline friends' waste. While it might seem practical to flush pet cat poop down the commode, this method can have destructive effects for both the atmosphere and human health.

Ecological Impact

Flushing cat poop presents dangerous pathogens and parasites right into the water system, posing a substantial danger to aquatic ecological communities. These pollutants can negatively impact marine life and concession water top quality.

Health and wellness Risks

Along with environmental worries, purging cat waste can likewise present wellness risks to people. Pet cat feces might include Toxoplasma gondii, a bloodsucker that can create toxoplasmosis-- a potentially extreme health problem, specifically for expecting females and people with weakened immune systems.

Alternatives to Flushing

Fortunately, there are much safer and more responsible ways to deal with cat poop. Take into consideration the complying with options:

1. Scoop and Dispose in Trash

One of the most usual approach of dealing with feline poop is to scoop it into a naturally degradable bag and toss it in the trash. Make sure to utilize a specialized trash scoop and throw away the waste without delay.

2. Usage Biodegradable Litter

Go with biodegradable cat litter made from products such as corn or wheat. These trashes are environmentally friendly and can be safely thrown away in the garbage.

3. Bury in the Yard

If you have a lawn, think about burying cat waste in a designated area far from vegetable gardens and water sources. Make certain to dig deep enough to avoid contamination of groundwater.

4. Set Up a Pet Waste Disposal System

Purchase an animal waste disposal system specifically designed for pet cat waste. These systems use enzymes to break down the waste, reducing smell and ecological effect.

Final thought

Responsible pet possession prolongs beyond providing food and sanctuary-- it additionally entails appropriate waste management. By refraining from purging feline poop down the toilet and going with different disposal techniques, we can minimize our ecological impact and safeguard human health.

Why You Should NEVER Flush Cat Poop (and/or Litter) Down Your Toilet

The Problem with Litter

The main function of litter is to solidify and adhere to your cat’s waste. While this makes litter excellent for collecting cat poop and urine, it’s also the exact property that makes it a nightmare when flushed down the toilet.

Cat litter can and will clog pipes. There is non-clumping litter, but it’s still quite heavy and can build up in pipes. This is true even of supposed “flushable litter.”

The problems only compound when the litter is already clumped into cat waste. Toilet paper is among the more flushable things, and even too much of that will clog a toilet.

The Problem with Cat Poop

Sewers and septic systems are designed with human waste in mind. The microbes that help break down human waste don’t work on cat waste. Additionally, cat poop plays host to the parasite Toxoplasma gondii.

When flushed, this parasite can enter the environment in places it was never meant to, posing a risk to pregnant women, their unborn children, and other people with compromised immune systems. While it might not seem possible, flushing cat poop can indeed introduce this parasite to the public water supply.

These reasons are why, even if you’ve trained your cat to go on the toilet and flush, which is possible, it’s still not a good idea. Also, pregnant women and the immunocompromised shouldn’t change litter, either.

How to Handle Litter

The best way to handle litter is to simply put it in a plastic bag and place it in the trash. Avoiding environmental risks and possible plumbing damage is worth the extra effort.

You can also invest in devices that seal away your cat’s waste in a separate compartment, so you don’t have to change the litter nearly as often. They’re also safer for pet owners because they limit the possibility of Toxoplasma gondii exposure.

Disposing of litter the old-fashioned way will ensure you won’t have to worry about any issues that flushing the waste can potentially cause.

Take Care of Clogged Pipes with Stephens Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning

The reasons you should never flush cat poop down your toilet are numerous, but sometimes the inevitable happens despite your best efforts.

Stephens Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning is ready to help if you’re experiencing litter-blocked plumbing. Whether you need us in an emergency or want to schedule regular maintenance, we’re here for you.

Can You Flush Cat Poop Down The Toilet?

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